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PcVue installation

[KB1214] PcVue Automatic Deployment

Applies to: PcVue 16.2 onwards Summary: How to install or update PcVue on a complete architecture in a more efficient way? This article describes the procedure to automatize the deployment instead installing station per station manually. Details: Prerequisites: There are two different cases in this article. First, PcVue runs as desktop application. Second, PcVue runs […]

Data acquisition

[KB1205] Migrating a PcVue project containing LON communication

Applies to: PcVue 15 onwards Summary: Prerequisites for migrating a PcVue project containing LON communication. Details: Prerequisites to take into account: – Plan for updating the LON license (LON server + Commissioning Tool). It is mandatory to use the same LON software suite (Server + CT*) as before the update. – Operating System Compatibility: Check […]


[KB1213] PcVue as a Service – Open Application Explorer

Applies to: PcVue 11.2 onwards Summary: Since PcVue is able to run as a Windows service the use of options in AIExplorer command line becomes very useful. We will describe it in this article. Details: When running PcVue as a service, this becomes a little more complicated with two additional components: SV Core Daemon. Service […]


[KB1203] CPU at 100% with in web Navigator using Webvue in a VM

Applies to: PcVue 16 onwards Summary: With PcVue 16, WebVue uses WebGL technologie. By default, WebVue tries to refresh the whole WebGL view at the refresh rate of the screen, usually 60 frames per second (FPS) or one frame every 17ms. It will take all available resources in trying to achieve that. Normally this works […]